Born in 1938, and just having recently passed in 2007, Evel Knievel lived life faster and harder than anyone we’ve ever known in the motorcycle world. Two of our staff members have even met the guy on several occasions, and we’re not completely sure, but pretty positive that one of them hasn’t washed their hands since.

With almost 433 broken bones recorded in his entire life (the quote seen in this image does not account for all the breaks on record), Knievel earned a special place in the Guinness Book of World Records as he ‘achieved’ the title, “most bones broken in a lifetime.” All of this despite wearing a classy helmet, too.

For anyone that’s broken more than one bone in their life, and for anyone that’s cried like a little girl when they can’t scratch their legs or arms through an itchy cast, you have to realize just how big the, uh, pistons were on this guy. He spent more time in a hospital than the entire LU staff combined. Twice over. This is including pregnancies, flu and everything else we’ve managed to contract or inflict upon ourselves over the years (p.s. not calling pregnancies a contracted illness or self inflicted injury…though, I guess that depends on how long the labor lasts)

While it’s not Evel’s birthday or special anniversary (as far as we can tell), we just had this image shared, and we enjoyed thinking about how much pain this guy went through, so all of us little devils could stare in awe and wonder as a man seemed to defy the laws of nature and gravity, flying over busses and ravines with absolutely no fear. We salute you today, Mr. Knievel, and all the cracked ribs and splintered arms and shattered pelvises you went through to make us smile.

Until next time, we’ll see you later.

NOTE: This was shared with us this morning by one of our regular contributors, but unfortunately they couldn’t find any information about the original author/creator of this awesome infographic. Still, we wanted to post this in the meantime, just to show you what the unglamorous life of a famous stunt rider is all about.

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