This Labor Day we would like to honor all of the hard working (and retired!) men and women out there, who have all done their part to make this country one of the best on the planet. Everyone, from the janitor of a school to a CEO of a Fortune 500, plays their part in keeping this world going, whether they realize it on the surface or not.


That’s why we love working for LeatherUp, actually. Because we get to — almost on a daily basis — interact and talk with our customers, and hear all of their unique stories about why they ride, what they do and where the road has taken them so far.


It is with the spirit of labor — of hard work — as well as the ongoing, enduring passion of our customer base, that we announce our Labor Day Sales Event! We are giving our customers 10% off on almost everything in our inventory, now through Monday at Midnight (P.S.T.). But, that’s not all. Those customers who have subscribed to our mailing list will be receiving an email sometime this weekend with an ADDITIONAL sales incentive for shopping with us this weekend. It’s our way of saying “thanks” to all the people who shop with us and keep coming back month after month and year after year.


If you are not an avid reader of our blog (and, if not, WHY not?!) then you should definitely check out some of our previous entries from the last two weeks, as we have made several posts about new releases and gear that is now available. Some of the new gear includes a new lineup of boots; a new series of rain gear; a sweet new men’s jacket with a badass name; Women’s Clutches, and more!


No matter what you ride or even IF you ride, you’ll want to check out all of the great deals we have going on this weekend, with even more coming to our mailing list members later today and tomorrow! Take a minute. Step away from the BBQ. Order something for yourself or your loved one, and save big with LeatherUp this whole weekend long, now through Monday at Midnight!

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