Right now if you’re in the southwest you have three days to get your butt on a bike and head on over to the infamous Bonneville Salt Flats. Why would you want to go to the middle of a notoriously dry and desolate desert in the middle of August? To see some of the world’s fastest bikes, of course!

The event started on August 24th and goes through the 29th, and everything from 50cc scooters to 2,000cc beasts will be taking to the course salt ground to see who and what will reign supreme.

Personally, my bet is on the Indian. It’s always safe to bet on the Indian, if Anthony Hopkins is to be believed.

There are multiple classes for everything, and (almost) anyone can make an attempt at it, as long as they have the right qualifying speeds. One of the most exciting classes is the sit-down (none of that laying flat boring crap!), where the current world record is set at 262.471 mph. To put that in perspective, that is the average speed of a private airplane, and could get you from coast to coast in a little over 10 hours. The only thing we’re failing to mention, of course, is that the bike is not comfortable, practical, and good luck making a turn.

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American Motorcyclist Association Press Release:
The world’s fastest motorcyclists are preparing to put their names in the record books at the Bonneville Salt Flats during the 2013 AMA Land Speed Grand Championships, also known as the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, Aug. 24-29.
By the end of the six-day event, the American Motorcyclist Association will have clocked numerous provisional record-setting runs in classes featuring everything from 50cc mini-bikes to 2,000cc-plus purpose-built top-speed machines.
“Land-speed racing is one of the most unique disciplines that we sanction, from the motorcycles, to the diversity of the participants to the venue,” said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant. “The AMA Land Speed Grand Championships are the sport’s premier event, and the level of competition this year is going to be some of the highest ever.”
One battle that should bring a lot of attention is the run for the outright land-speed record on two wheels. Two streamliners are currently registered, the BUB No. 7 Streamliner that will be piloted by AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer and seven-time AMA Grand National Champion Chris Carr and a Triumph streamliner with AMA Pro Racing road racer Jason Disalvo at the controls.
Both Carr and Disalvo will have their eyes on the current record, 376.363 mph, set by rider Rocky Robinson and builder Mike Akatiff in 2010. Carr is a former world record holder, running 367.382 mph in 2009.
“The outright land-speed record is one of motorcycle competition’s highest, most-respected achievements,” Saillant said. “The amount of effort, investment, practice and teamwork that goes into just a few seconds of time at speed on the track is amazing to behold. It’s not every year that conditions are right for a record run. We can’t control or predict the weather, of course, but it’s looking good a few days out.”
Other riders expected to lay down some fast times at the event are Al Lamb, who currently holds the sit-down, partially streamlined record at 262.471 mph, and Jim Hoogerhyde, who rides the all-electric Lightning SB220.
The AMA Land Speed Grand Championships run Saturday Aug. 24th through Thursday the 29th.
For more information: www.americanmotorcyclist.com

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