Today’s WTF is one for the books. It’s one for a lot of things, actually, because it’s only got one wheel. Spotted on several blogs as well as on the popular image-hosting website Imgur, this extreme unicycle takes what is normally a thing of mockery and transforms it into…well, another form of mockery that just hovers on the edge of being bad-ass.

The engine parts clearly show a Yamaha 4-cylinder, and the lone wheel looks like it was ripped right off of a car from the set of Mad Max (which Mad Max movie, though, we’ll leave up to you…as long as it’s not Beyond Thunderdome). What makes this rare, strange and truly “WTF-worthy” motorcycle even more-so is the fact that the rider of this beast is obviously off-road, not giving one single care about roads, streets or any modern transportation achievement of the past thousand years. This guy just clearly built this machine to turn heads and be fast, and it does both extremely well.

While we don’t think the badassery of an off-road unicycle is likely to become the next craze in daily commuting, it definitely caught our attention, and we are proud and more than happy to share it with all of you today. And, even though we don’t carry a lot of the parts you’d need to make something this…strange, we do carry thousands of parts and accessories for your motorcycle that can give it a more custom, cool and unique look. Will you look like this guy with his engine donning two crazy-looking, stick-on eyes? No. But you can turn your boring old cruiser or street bike into the envy of all your friend and fellow riders.

So, after you’re done laughing/admiring/shaking your head at this guy and his monstrosity on one wheel, head on over to our main website and see what you can do to get your own customization project started this spring before the real riding season starts up. Buy now. Customize early. Be admired all year long.

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