Henderson Custom

One of the most beautiful custom motorcycles we at LeatherUp have EVER seen (and that’s saying something), this Henderson Custom literally takes our breath away every time we stop and stare.

Built from a decaying 1930 K.J Henderson inline-four cylinder, this custom bike is the lovechild of Syracuse, New York native Frank Westfall. Westfall began with what was originally a two-tone motorcycle and ended up with a gorgeous monochrome paint job that just makes every delicious curve pop.

Henderson Custom3

One of the things that surprised us most about this bike, though, is that Westfall actually takes this bad girl out on the road sometimes. That’s right, this isn’t just a trailer toy; this is a bona fide bike that, while apparently a “handful” to handle, actually can and is driven around the highways and byways of the American northeast.

Henderson Custom2

If you’ve seen anything more beautiful than this bike, please let us know. Mostly so we can just stop staring at it so damn much, wishing it was ours.

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