2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B Black

Motorcycle journalists and bloggers are raving about the new 2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B, and with good reason. Jon Langston from Motorcycle.com says that traditionally the Gold Wing has always been perceived as an “old guys’ bike.” Honda changes that with this 2013 model—a mean cross between a cruiser bike and touring machine.

The new Gold Wing has a much sportier look that its predecessor and it’s 62-lbs lighter. Honda trimmed out the fat by removing the topcase along with its passenger backrest and bridge-scraping antenna. The chopped-off widescreen and the cleaner bodywork around the engine add to a more aggressive, modern look. Also gone are the reverse gear along with its motors and mechanisms.

Visual tweaks include a more spacious gunfighter-style seat, body panel between the tops of the saddlebags, restyled muffler tips and lower cowlings. The F6B offers the same fuel-injected, 1832cc engine, the same front suspension, sporty aluminum frame, swingarm, brakes etc.

Honda will offer the F6B in two versions: the standard model ($19,999 – $4,000 cheaper than the regular Gold Wing) and the Deluxe ($20,999) both available in black or red. The Deluxe model adds a center stand, passenger backrest and self-cancelling turn signals.

What Experts Say After Riding the 2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B

The 2013 F6 is brisker and handles much easier than its older brother—both at lower speeds in parking lots or slow traffic and at  higher speeds on highways, all thanks to its lower weight and new seating position—HellforLeather and Paul Dean from CycleWorld.

“F6 feels like an entirely different machine…can leap away from a dead stop at a rate that, quite literally, yanks your arms straight, and its acceleration through the gears is noticeably more brisk than it was on a couple of standard Gold Wings Honda had on hand at the F6B’s recent press introduction” says Paul Dean.

The Verdict
An already great motorcycle has become faster, nimbler, more stylish, and even cheaper (than the standard 2013 Gold Wing, which is 4 grand more expensive).

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2013 new Honda GoldWing F6B Promotional Video

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