Zero Motorcycles Offers Cash-for-Carbon Trade-in Bonus of $2,500

In attempt to entice owners of traditional gas-powered motorcycles to switch to electric bikes, Zero Motorcycles is offering a special “Cash for Carbon” $2,500 bonus to motorcyclists who trade in their gas-powered bike on any new 2012 Zero. The $2,500 bonus is given on top of the negotiated trade-in value of the gas-powered motorcycle. To take advantage of the program you will need a gas motorcycle and a “Cash for Carbon” voucher. This program can be combined with any other special offer from Zero Motorcycles and can be used alongside the 10% federal tax credit— Zero bikes are eligible for a 10 percent federal tax credit because they are electric. The offer ends March 31, 2013. See details of the offer here.

Zero Motorcycles also offers financing with monthly payments starting at $96/month and if you qualify you may even get your new electric bike with no money down. For more details on Zero Motorcycles financing click here.

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