Real Biker Girl Leah Petersen (Motorcycle Stunt Rider) Posing Next to Her Full Fairing Kawasaki

Meet Leah Peterson—a tall, blond American beauty that stunts with full-sized sportbikes (2004 Kawasaki ZX6R) professionally. She travels the world performing at shows and competing at stunt riding events. “I got my first streetbike at 19, a GSX-R600,” Leah says. “I rode streets in New York, Italy and Los Angeles. Finally, in Los Angeles I learned about the sport of stunt riding when I went to an XDL Show and I bought a stuntbike the next week!”

Leah Petersen Motorcycle Stunt Rider - Real Biker Chick

Leah knows very well how to brand herself: her stunt bikes are customized with violet or pink accents, she has a professionally looking personal website and manages a stunt magazine (check out this post with a video where she explains how you can build your own stunt bike).  She appears to be a brand ambassador for Icon motorcycle gear. Watch the videos below to see Leah in action.

The Kawasaki of Motorcycle Stunt Rider Leah Petersen

Leah Peterson’s Favorites:
Street bike: Triumph 675 Daytona
Stunt bike: 2004 Kawasaki ZX6R
Stunt rider: RafalPasierbek or Ernie Vigil
Motorcycle racer: Valentino Rossi!
Car: 1969 Chevy Camaro
Music: Jazz or Italian pop
Quote: “The moment is now!”
Movie: Star Wars
Actor: Alec Baldwin
TV Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Book: ALL non-fiction. I read every day…
Food: Anything made with love and fresh ingredients
Drink: Soda water
Fashion label: Thrift store
Holiday destination: Patara, Turkey

Leah Petersen Stunt Videos

Leah Petersen Photo Gallery

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