Harley-Davidson WLA U.S. Military Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson WLA was a military motorcycle produced for the U.S. Army but also sold to other World War II allies—the Soviet Union was sold over 30,000 WLAs during WW2. The bike offered a solo seat and a 45 ci engine. WLA’s were produced between 1940 and 1952.

After the war, soldiers had little money but could afford a surplus WLA and so the WLA’s lead to the rise of the American motorcycle culture, the Harley culture, the chopper, and modified styles. Many of these vintage bikes can be found in museums around the world (the two photos of a WLA were taken in an exhibition in Berlin).

Harley-Davidson WLA U.S. Military Motorcycle

Harley also produced a version of this bike for the Canadian Armed forces, called Harley-Davidson WLC (the photo below taken in the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, England).

Harley-Davidson WLC  Military Motorcycle of Canadian Armed Forces

Images courtesy of Jean-Luc 2005 on Wikimedia Commons (for his Harley WLA photos) and Pjahr on Wikimedia Commons (for his Harley WLC photo).

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  1. taralee says:

    dad was in korea and loved and lived military, 101st AIRBORNE

    but he passed when i was 10. great memories!!!!!!!

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