Gerard Butler on His Motorcycle Wearing a Leather Jacket, Jeans, and Helmet

“Girls like eye candy too”—to quote one of our Facebook followers. These photos of actor Gerard Butler on his motorcycle were taken November 24—the actor was just getting on his motorcycle to go for a ride in Hollywood. Gerard Butler is famous for his role in the movie 300 and for his 500 calorie-a-day diet. I couldn’t figure our the brand of the motorcycle on these photos, but I know for sure that he owns a Harley-Davidson. Any help?

Gerard Butler Riding a  Motorcycle in Hollywood CA

To get this perfectly sculpted body for 300, Gerard went through a three-month training program that included the following daily exercises done without rest periods in between:

25 Pull-ups
50 Deadlifts using 135 pounds
50 Push-ups
50 24” box jumps
50 Floor Wipers
50 Single Arm Clean and Presses with a 35 pound kettle bell
25 Pull-Ups
+ Tire flipping sessions
+ Gymnastic ring training sessions
+ Bodybuilding sessions five weeks before filming

Couple of years after 300, Gerard’s started his famous 500 calorie diet. Visible he lost a significant amount of weight. His diet includes a 16-day “cleanse” followed by a strict 500-calories-per-day diet. He explains, “It was so depressing… In the morning I think I had half a grapefruit and that was pretty much about it until two (in the afternoon) – and I was training as well. I had a lot of injuries from all these movies… so I wanted to slim right down and kinda start building from there.”

Gerard Butler Riding a Black Cruiser Motorcycle

6 Responses to Hot Biker Guy of the Week: Gerard Butler On His Motorcycle

  1. Vickie says:

    Looks like BMW r90

  2. Rose says:

    Well,,, i tend to like the real biker type,,long hair , full chapped out ridin all day blown hair,
    just belongs on that sled and you know it when ya look

  3. Linda says:

    Seriously? loved the pic til I saw that he was wearing sneakers…. so wrong!!

  4. RidinChickee says:

    SNEAKERS? Come on now! How wrong is this ? Engineer boots. AKA Biker boots. What is this world comin to when a dude rides wearin sneakers?

  5. Tammy says:

    I would straddle the back of that bike with Gerard that’s for damn sure. Definitely yummy eye candy, mmm….

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