Tha Misfit - Cafe Racer Motorcycle by Cleveland CycleWerks

I read the story of Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) in several motorcycle blogs and I think the story deserves more attention not only from motorcycle enthusiasts but from American politicians and society as a whole.

Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW), based in Cleveland, Ohio, makes low-cost American-style motorcycles and sells them in the United States, Europe, and many other countries. Scott Colosimo, the owner of Cleveland CycleWerks, had a vision: He wanted to build “cool motorcycles people can actually afford.” Scott has never tried to hide the fact that CCW bikes are made in China. But he also made it clear that he tried to manufacture them in the United States.

Tha Heist by Cleveland CycleWerks - a Cruiser Motorcycle

Scott Colosimo “spent plenty of time banging his head against the wall attempting to source parts domestically,” but he could never get the support he needed from American manufacturers. Our manufacturers had “liability concerns.” While American manufacturers were horrified by the idea of making parts for new motorcycle products, in China they asked how many do you need and when? Scott had no alternative but to take the plans for his bikes and arrange the manufacturing in China, and he succeeded.

Added May 8, 2012: Cleveland CycleWerks is moving manufacturing jobs from China to the United States.

P.I.T. Motors Ltd (Parallel Intelligent Transportation Inc) located in South Jersey, is the exclusive distributor for Cleveland CycleWerks motorcycles. Their Web site will help you find a dealer in your area.

Tha Heist by Cleveland CycleWerks

Tha Heist by Cleveland CycleWerks - Bobber Motorcycle

“Tha Heist” is a low cruiser with a 250cc air-cooled engine. The engine is made by one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers, LIFAN. The bike also features 21”front wheel and an 18” rear wheel. It can reach top speed of 70mph and can give you 77mpg. MSRP is $3,195, which makes it a great beginner’s bike.

Tha Heist by Cleveland CycleWerks - Great Entry Level Motorcycle

Tha Misfit by Cleveland CycleWerks

Tha Misfit by Cleveland CycleWerks a Cafe Racer

“Tha Misfit” is a lightweight, modern café racer for the US Market and uses the same 250cc engine as the Heist. MSRP is $3195, and the bike is advertised as “an affordable alternative to the overpriced and over motored commuters currently on the market.”

Tha Misfit by Cleveland CycleWerks a Cafe Racer - Headlight

Tha Misfit by Cleveland CycleWerks a Cafe Racer - Exhaust Pipe and Suspension

5 Responses to Cleveland CycleWerks Builds Cool and Affordable Motorcycles that Don’t Break the Bank

  1. Michelle bouchard says:

    Cute little bike … but then again, so is the suzuki s40 boulevard… and the s40 is a single cylinder 650cc machine. i loved my thumper and she was quite the machine. lots of power for a single-lung and she never let me down.

  2. Jay Lloyd says:

    Who says a starter bike has to be ugly? Or Expensive?

  3. Brian says:

    Damn shame…. they are made in china and not at least 650’s. By the way Al.. check the real numbers ,unemployments is not down!! ask obamas own people!

  4. VIn says:

    I LIKE the concept. American people are working at a place that’s making an american product. Those that think the bike is to small…. well just how many junky small slow mopeds are being sold these days? LOTs and lots, people. even a 250cc is a step up, and they are being produced right here in the good ol usa. why anyone would have a problem with that is beyond me. I prefer a larger bike too, I ride a 1000cc. i would rather see someone on an american made 250cc than an underpowered piece of moped crap any day. it’s the small copmpanies like this that will get us back on track back to the country we once were!!

  5. killing says:

    Wow, that’s what I was searching for, what a stuff! present here at this website, thanks admin of this web page.

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