Zach Ness Custom Victory Judge - a-Cafe Racer Makeover

This January, Victory unveiled the 2013 Victory Judge muscle bike. But several hours after the ceremony, the company also showed the first Custom Victory Judge built by Zach Ness. The Judge is a production bike that will fill a demand for a made-in-America performance bike and Zach Ness’ custom version is for those who want even more performance.

Ness, a third-generation custom builder from the legendary Ness family, gave the stock Judge a stylish café racer makeover. He calls his creationVictory Ness Cafe. The bike is a “Victory Judge  on steroids” with added ground clearance and suspension, and much of its weight removed. The bike features a new rear frame,  Öhlins TTX rear shock, LED tail light, and Ness wheels and grips.  Watch the video below to see Zach talking about his creation.

Zach Ness Custom Victory Judge - the Tank of the Bike

Ness Cafe the Judge Custom Bike Built by Zach-Ness

3 Responses to Zach Ness Custom Victory Judge – an American Café Racer

  1. Pasquale says:

    Here we go. To each his own! Victory’s are made in america. Harley-Davidson sold out to the japanese in the 1930s. Yes the 1930s they licensed the tooling, the plans, and the engineers to the japanese so they could build their own motorcycles. The company was called rikuo. If you are riding a harley produced after 1974, it has quite a few japanese, chinese, and other outsourced parts on it.

  2. mark bonomo says:

    Really? is that why jp parts catalog lists them in the ‘metric’ version? get real. I like them as i do my harley but if u think they don’t use foreign parts u are sadly mistaken. They most certainly do! look it up before u talk crap and then post your opinions..

  3. Pasquale says:

    I didn’t say they were 100% american made, and I know that they use some imported parts. The last documentation that i read had Harley-Davidson at about 30% imported parts. Victory had about 15% imported parts with the largest being the wiring harness produced in britain, and the fuel injectors are made by chevrolet. those figures were from about 2 years ago.

    The facts about hd licensing their stuff to the japs is not an opinion, it is a fact. Btw….this is a discussion forum where all opinions and comments are welcomed…..even if you disagree. bBuying american is something that I am passionate about. Unfortunately we are living in a global economy and corporations are greedy.

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