Motorcycle helmets come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and prices. But which motorcycle helmet brands are the most expensive? What brand or brands are the most high-end?  I used our company’s print catalogs and google product search to find out.

The Most Expensive Major Motorcycle Helmet Brand

Let’s start with major players in motorcycle helmet manufacturing.  Schuberth, Shoei, and Arai are the motorcycle helmet brands with higher average prices than the rest. These three had more helmets in their catalogs costing $400-$800. Most of Schuberth Helmets had a price of more than $500, which makes it the most expensive major motorcycle helmet brand.

The Most Expensive Motorcycle Helmet Brand

The most expensive brand of motorcycle helmets isn’t the most popular, which is why I treat it separately. The brand is Ruby, made by French luxury manufacturer Ateliers Ruby.  On the official website of the company, prices of Ruby motorcycle helmets start at over $900. And no wonder it takes 5 weeks for them to process your order—they make the helmets on demand to reduce costs. Nevertheless, with their stylish vintage look and maroon interior, Ruby helmets seem a great luxury product.

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  1. Paul K says:

    Although a helmet costing $900 plus is expensive,you are getting a semi-custom helmet that fits. Being able to order it “your way” also makes it your own unique helmet. Nice!

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