What Do Other Best-Biker-Song Lists Have

Two songs are the most frequently cited on online forums and articles as the most favorite or best biker songs ever—Born to Be Wild performed by Steppinwolf and Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive. Born to Be Wild appears in many vaious-artists motorcycle song albums, and is often listed as the best biker song ever. Other songs like Roll Me Away performed by Bob Seger also make it to favorite motorcycle song lists.

People often confuse songs about motorcycles as being the only ones to consider when making a list of best biker songs. That’s why many best biker song lists I found over the web were full of midiocre songs. Little Honda by Hondels, for example, can be found in many lists of best biker songs.

Biker songs should not necessary depict motorcycles. There are many other themes related to the culture like speed, freedom, patriotism, rebelliousness, and the  music genres hard rock, rock, and heavy metal. Leatherup.com created a list of best biker songs  that cover some of these themes, including riding and motorcycles.

Leatherup’s List of Best Biker Songs

#1 This Life, by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers (the Sons of Anarchy Theme Song). The creators of Sons of Anarchy use quality custom music to establish the atmosphere of the show. This Life, written and recorded for the series, is definitely the most impressive.

#2 I Can’t Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar. Though the lyrics don’t go “I can’t ride 55,” it’s still a song about speed. Not surprisingly, it was chosen for a biker mayhem scene in Back to the Future Part II

#3 Highway to Hell by AC/DC

#4 Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood

#5 Wanted Dead or Alive by Jon Bon Jovi

Did you enjoy the songs? Send us your own best-biker-song list.

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71 Responses to Leatherup’s List of Best Biker Songs

  1. Mike hull says:

    You forgot “Highway song” by blackfoot.

  2. Mike hull says:

    another one is “jesus never had no motorcycle” by the Marshall tucker band.

  3. joe says:

    what about the chrome bikers lady sasha mullins “2 wheels move the soul” and ” ridelicious”

  4. Don C. says:

    A lot of the bikers I know all like the following songs ( However, they may not all be “biker”songs, per se):
    * Ghost Riders In The Sky (by Spiderbait)
    * Bad To The Bone ( By George Thorogood)
    * Wanted: Dead or Alive (By Bon Jovi)
    * Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf)
    * Biker Chick (By Jo Dee Messina)

    Some others I like are:
    Cool Rider (From Grease 2, by Michelle Pfeiffer) & Leader Of The Pack (By The Shangri-las)

  5. Don C. says:

    Sorry, just re-read this blog and noticed you already had mentioned Born To Be Wild & Wanted Dead or Alive. My bad… (blush)

  6. Craig says:

    Poor Twisted Me-Metallica
    Wherever I May Roam-Metallica
    Turn the Page-Metallica
    Highway star-Deep Purple
    Born to Raise Hell-Motorhead
    Bad Attitude Shuffle-Cinderella
    Bad Seamstress-Cinderella
    The Road’s Still Long-Cinderella
    The Last mile-Cinderella
    Gypsy Road-Cinderella
    Copperhead Road-Steve Earl
    Blue on Black-Kenny Wayne Shepherd
    Blaze of Glory-Bon Jovi
    Warriors of the World United-Manowar
    Hellbent for Leather-Judas Priest
    Heading Out To The Highway-Judas Priest
    Rebel Yell-Billy Idol
    Reach for the Sky-Firehouse
    Bad Company-Bad Company
    Behind Blue Eyes-The Who
    The Kids are Back-Twisted Sister
    Mary Jane’s Last Dance-Tom Petty

  7. sean says:

    I have the remenant of a song in my head that had the lyrics ” riding on my steed of death, riding free”– heard it during the aor period of radio in the early 70’s but never have run it down. And from the era of drive-in biker movies, “the wild angels ride tonight”

  8. joe massimo says:

    You may want to listen to a song titled “open Road’ by joey j & the shovelheads. the video is currently on youtube.com just search open road. this song is the national anthem for all bikers around the world! enjoy! if you don’t ride…you don’t know!

  9. Mike [Mojo] says:

    hey what about these biker songs,Iron Horse-Hank Jr.,runnin’ with the pack-Bad Company,ballad of easy rider-roger mcguinn,crossroader-mountain,ride the wind-poison,unknown legend-neil young,girls girls girls-motley crue,illustrated man-johnny winter,bad motor scooter-montrose,rockin down the highway-doobie bros.,motorcycle mama-neil young,easy rider-iron butterfly,hair of the dog-nazareth,key to the highway,derek and the dominos,midnight rider-allman bros.and i could go on and on! Ride on brothers!Mojo Mike

  10. TK says:

    I don’t know about you, but “La Grange” by ZZ Top always makes me want to hit the road.

  11. Mike says:

    Here’s a really great biker song.
    Slack alice – motorcycle dream Ride on bro’s..

  12. Karla says:

    Hey – got a group of gals together to be in the St. john, usvi parade and even though we don’t have bikes we are marching to a theme of”biker chicks” so, what’s a good biker chick song. maybe with a dose of reggae to it

  13. Leesa says:

    Biker Chick by Jodee Messina is cool. It is about a wannabe biker chick that is fascinated by male bikers and their tattoos and pipes.

  14. Tara says:

    I think this would be the best for the ladies!

  15. Tara says:

    just click on my name “tara” its a link to queens youtube video “bIcycle”

  16. Luis says:

    Anyone mention “Ride to live, live to ride” by Twisted Sister? Lyrics are prefect.

  17. Laura C Smith says:

    take a load off annie

  18. oWEN says:


  19. Mia says:

    Born to be Wild!!

  20. Angel says:

    Born to Be Wild

  21. sok says:

    just got my newer version of the nano loaded with all my ridin music
    some of the stuff folks have missed that gets me thru long rides:

    all the alman Bros stuff
    Marshal Tucker
    most of zepellin
    about a third of Janis joplin
    crazy by Gnarles barkley
    four of Mountains major album
    Dave Mason
    Steeley dan
    steve miller band
    there’s so much good biker music that it’s impossible to create a complete list…once you hear a tune hittin a curve in the mountains doin 75 or so you’ll know whether the tune belongs on the list or not


  22. Lemmy says:

    Anything by Motorhead sounds great when you’re riding, but especially “Iron Horse/Born To Lose.”

  23. admin says:

    Karla, I posted a response to your question about biker chick songs in our blog. Here it is: http://blog.leatherup.com/2011/06/08/biker-girl-songs-biker-chick-songs/

  24. Scott says:

    Girls the song u want is Bad Motor scooter..by montrose!

  25. Al says:

    Gotta have some David Alan Coe and Lynard Skynard on the wind therapy list

  26. Chris says:

    I Can’t believe nobody mentioned “Slow Ride” by Foghat. That’s a must on any biker song list. Makes me wanna jump on the hog and head out for a road trip.

  27. ladyberlin says:

    This is just what i’ve been looking for – i dig springsteen, steppenwolf, motorhead (ace of spades), and as most have mentioned songs from easy rider (extended soundtrack) and the 1986 film ‘mask’
    many more i can think of but don’t know if they would qualify as ‘best of all time’

  28. mike says:

    Ya’ll forgot Arlo guthrie’s “i just wanna ride my motorcycle”, the pickle song i think it was called

  29. Jeff says:

    hOW ABOUT SOME aXE,Saxon,Mothers Finest,Ironhorse,James Gang,The Godz.Doc Holiday,Jackyl,Rhino Bucket,Hawkwind,Iron Butterfly…as well as many thats been mentioned allready..

  30. Jeff says:

    Also some Priest and Iron Maiden..especially Running Free by Maiden..lots of classic metal fit this bill nicely tho.

  31. Hard Tymes says:

    To sok:
    June 8, 2011 at 3:02 am

    ROTFL! That’s Got To Be The Best Quote On This Whole Site! The only way you would know that is if you’ve been there! I do like your music listing! Thanks For The Smiles, SOK!
    “there’s so much good biker music that it’s impossible to create a complete list…once you hear a tune hittin a curve in the mountains doin 75 or so you’ll know whether the tune belongs on the list or not”
    Ya’all have A Really Nice Day, Now! Big 🙂

    Richard ~~ HardTymes{at}Gmail{dot}Com

  32. Hard Tymes says:

    TO Chris:
    July 17, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    Oh Yeah! Ya Better Add This To SOK’s Music List!

    QUOTE!: “I Can’t believe nobody mentioned “Slow Ride” by Foghat. That’s a must on any biker song list. Makes me wanna jump on the hog and head out for a road trip.”

    Yes Sir! There is so much damn good Biker music out there, It would be Hell & High Water tryin’ to lay a $100 bill on the pool table and sayin’ I Like That song The Best! I’ll take my shot! 🙂
    {ya noticed i didn’t mention the bike title! i ain’t walkin’ home!}
    Thanks! Chris! Take Care!

    Richard ~~ HardTymes{at}Gmail{dot}Com

  33. Jeff says:

    How about doc holliday “Last Ride”?

  34. Ricky says:

    There was an instrumental biker song in the late 1960s but I can’t remember what it was – perhaps it came from ”easy rider” ~ does anybody have any idea what that song was?

  35. Tommy zadick says:

    Airstream Driver Gomez
    Motorcycle Mama Sailcat
    Motorcycle Mama Neil Young
    Gypsy Biker Springsteen
    Son of the South David Allan Coe
    If that Ain’t country David Allan Coe
    Take the Highway Marshall Tucker Band
    24 Hours at a Time Marshall Tucker Band
    Rails David Allan Coe
    Bawitaba Kid Rock
    American Badass Kid Rock
    Little feet David Allan Coe
    On the Road Again Willie Nelson
    Movin On David Allan Coe
    Any Road George Harrison
    Amarillo Highway Robert Earl Keen
    Changing Highways Neil Young
    Highwayman Highwaymen
    Road Goes on Forever Highwaymen
    Choctaw Bingo Larry McMurtrey
    Take Me To the Highway Doobie Bros
    Dangerous Doobie Bros
    Rockin Down the Highway Doobie Bros
    Takin’ It To the Streets Doobie Bros
    6 Days on the Road David Allan Coe
    I’ve Been Everywhere Johnny Cash
    Ramblin on My Mind Marshall Tucker Band
    Born to Run Springsteen
    Harley Someday David Allan Coe
    Hog Wild Hank Jr
    White Lightnin George Jones or Hank Jr
    East Bound and Down Jerry Reed
    Iron Horse Hank Jr
    Daytona Nights Hank Jr
    Lagrange ZZ Top

  36. 7yph0on says:

    ride like the wind by christopher cross! Open highway… It’s all i can see when this plays

  37. 7yph0on says:

    ONE of my playlists. Some heavy, some mild. All rock. Enjoy!

    Angry Chair: Alice in Chains
    Black Betty: Ram Jam
    Bridge of Sighs: Robin Trower
    Cowboys from Hell: Pantera
    Destruction Overdrive: Zakk
    Detroit Rock City: KISS
    Dr. Feelgood: Crue
    Easy Livin’: Uriah Heep
    Fire It Up: Zakk
    Fire Woman: The Cult
    Fortune Teller: Deep Purple
    Forty Six & 2: TOOL
    Heaven and Hell: Dio
    High Water Everywhere: Joe Bonamassa
    Hot for Teacher: Van Halen
    I Love It Loud: KISS
    Jailbreak: Thin Lizzy
    Kickstart My Heart: Crue
    Let me hear you Scream: OZZY
    Man in the Box: Alice in Chains
    Meanstreak: AC-DC **Fave**
    Paradise City: Guns n Roses
    Paranoid: Sabbath
    Smokin’ in the Boys Room: Crue
    So many Roads: Joe Bonamassa
    Space Truckin’: Deep Purple
    Tea for One: Joe Bonamassa

  38. Terry says:

    I enjoy listening to Woltihr das Bett in Flammen sehen by Rammstein. Don’t understand what they are saying but the music kicks ass.

  39. sweetfishing1 says:

    “These Outlaw ways” by ricky cooper is Kick ass and fast becomimg a modern day Bikers classic.
    David Allan Coes “Panheads forever” is a great tune Along with Ricky copers new song release “My old shovelhead”

  40. Here’s another great new song – it’s from the Sturgis 2012 promotional video and the song is called “Sturgis” by The Randall Zwarte Band:


  41. Chris says:

    Black and Blue by Chain.
    Going Up The Country by Canned Heat.

  42. johnny train says:

    Jeff Finlan’s Jesus Was a Motorcycle Man.

  43. Disturbed Harry says:

    Lots of great songs but the no.1 for me has got to be and always will be RENEGADE by THIN LIZZY, if you ain’t heard it, YouTube it, just the best biker song ever! “But he is a king, when he’s on his own, he got a bike, n that’s his throne, and when he rides, he’s like the wind, to you and me, he’s a RENEGADE!!!!!”

  44. Paddy O' says:

    The number 1 best biker song in the world was left off the List ! it’s……
    Richard Thompson’s Vincent Black Shadow 1952 !
    #2 is Frank Zappas Titties & Beer
    #3 Shangirlas, Leader of the Pack

  45. steve says:

    simple man – skynard

  46. Fred says:

    Keep Rolling – A Bikers Tale by Brandon Rockx is a must. Cool man!

  47. Lanny McGough says:

    “Shovelhead” from the Lanny McGough CD titled “Rebel Soul” which was released on CD Baby a year before Kid Rocks CD with the same title is the definitive biker tune of all time.

  48. JoX says:

    Gotta say that “Bad Company,” especially as covered by Five Finger Death Punch, is better than anything else for outlaw bikers. Too bad it wasn’t out before “Sons of Anarchy” launched. I think it is definitely better than “This Life.”

    And I also can’t get around the fact that “Highway to Hell” is about life on tour rather than life on the road. Small but significant difference in my view. As I believe the best biker songs must have some direct connection to biker culture.

  49. Riders on the Storm. But gotta love I can’t drive 55 🙂

  50. Billie says:

    The first song that plays in my head is Ride Captain Ride!

  51. Malcolm says:

    Desert Plains – Judas Priest
    Blessed Hell Ride – Black Label Society
    For Those about to Rock (We Salute You) – AC/DC
    ANYTHING by Iron Maiden
    Iron Man – Black Sabbath
    Krokus – Headhunter/Screamin in the Night
    W.A.S.P. – Wild Child/Sleeping in the Fire/Mean Man
    Kyuss – Wrythe
    Tool – Vicarious

  52. aid says:

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  53. Rob says:

    I saw a lot of great songs posted but I think one of my favorites was missing.

    Meatloaf: Bat Out Of Hell.

  54. Lysol says:

    “The Ride” by the Raging Derilicts is pretty bad ass.

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  56. TuiGorge says:

    It’s not on any best list but here is my own motorcycle song. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers. Richard.

  57. Pockets says:

    “For the Outlawz” – Moonshine Bandits (feat. Colt Ford and Big B.)…….most of the other songs that users posted her are great fits, but as a 1%er, this is by far my personal favorite outlaw biker song. Great composition of ragweed style country with a hip-hop twist. This and “Bad Company” – Bad Company & Five Finger Death Punch’s cover

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  60. sean says:

    for Ricky from 2012;

    had to be Blues’ Theme 2:12 – David Allan And The Arrows …. it made it to top 40, most recognizable biker instrumental ever I think, from the “Wild Angels” soundtrack with Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra.

  61. 81 Supporter MLH&R (WIFEY) says:

    Jackyl, every song! have you forgot majic carpet ride?
    I have thrown several small rallies and know of about 3 thousand songs to list here. Bad motor scooter is also one of the fan favorites and rock candy mountain. but we have had Jackyl play live before too. playing, partying, and just talking with Jesse was a good time. Great folks for sure!!

  62. Karl Jobst says:

    Karl Jobst

    List of Best Biker Songs – Motorcycle Songs | LeatherUp Blog

  63. Troy Dishong says:

    Good Times, Bad Times- Godsmack’s cover of Zeppelin Classic
    Kickin’ it in the Sticks- Brantley Gilbert
    Wherever I May Roam- Metallica
    Burnin’ it Down- Jason Aldean

  64. Wanted Dead or Alive
    Bad To the Bone
    La Grange
    Born To Be Wild
    ***Slow Ride***
    Dr. Feelgood

  65. babymetal says:

    LOVE IT!!!! ❤️

  66. abc says:

    List of Best Biker Songs – Motorcycle Songs | LeatherUp Blog

  67. nathan says:

    You forgot voodoo by godsmack

  68. Gary says:

    Thundering Hearts – John Cougar. “Ride that Harley-Davidson in the hot summer heat. Lord knows I just love to ride. “

  69. Who Cares says:

    My favorite is “Outlaw” with WAR you got to hear the whole song… Its a badass song…

  70. Will Morton says:

    Brilliant list! My personal favourite is anything by ACDC.

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